Companies that are offering summer jobs to teachers

Companies that are offering summer jobs to teachers

If you are a teacher working in a school and need to work even in the summer vacation. Then this article will be helpful for you because we have provided a list of companies that provide the teaching jobs during the summer holidays. Read this article, to know about companies and various jobs provided by them in detail.

Here we provide you the list of 10 companies that offer jobs for teachers.

Youth Digital: This one of the companies that hire teachers for teaching kids how to create technologies. The technologies you should teach to the students are 3D printing to the coding and coding to the game design. Although they provide online training to the kids for one year. They also need a person to teach during the summer holidays throughout the company. If you are interested in this job to check the official website whether jobs available near your area.

Institute of Reading Development: This is the company that helps the students in improving their reading skills and comprehension. They provide coaching for all the students from pre-kg to senior classes. For this, you will be provided training to teach students and allowed to take 10-14 classes to evaluate the progress of the students, curriculum, etc. Hence this job is good for the teachers who are interested in teaching curriculum.

Catapult learning: If you are feeling bored during the summer holidays? Don’t worry the Catapult learning is a company that hire teachers for teaching the students to overcome from their difficult subjects. This camp helps the number of students to make their process of learning simple and enjoyable. They are hiring teachers for this kind of teaching throughout the world. If you are interested in this job then visit the official website for more details regarding this company.

VIP KIDS: VIPKID is the company that is started mainly to provide the international experience of learning to the Chinese students. The teaching they provide is fully based on the common core state standards. Now this, company hire teachersto teach the English language to the children who are struggling with the language. This is one of the best opportunities for you to share your knowledge with the students during your leisure time. To know further details regarding the working of the company visit the official website.

Kids R kids learning academy: This is the company that provides teaching to the students up to grade 5 during the summer holidays. They provide teaching to students all over the country. If you are interested in this job, please visit the website to know whether there is a vacancy in the schools near your location.

Lindamood- Bell: Lindamood –Bell is the company that hires teachersto provide a magic learning experience to the students who are trained in this company. The various programs conducted in this summer camp is to improve the skills of the students in reading, spelling, language comprehension, and Math to all the age of students. They provide a bonus of $500 for the teachers whose teaching quality is good. To know the opportunities in this job visit the website of Lindamood-Bell.

Happy Swimmers: Happy Swimmers is a private company that provides teaching regarding swimming lessons nationwide. They provide lifeguards to the students during the pool parties. They are now hiring the teachers to teach swimming to the students with great patience. And this is an excellent way to improve your teaching skills by helping the students to learn swimming. The requirements you need to have into work as a teacher in this company are a safety belt, a reliable car, and CPR certification. If you are interested contact the company directly to get a job.

US Sports camp: This is one of the companies that provide the best sports coaching to the students during the summer holidays. They provide coaching for the students in sports such as baseball, basketball, field hockey, and water polo. The camp director at each learning center is responsible for hiring the staff for teaching sports. If you are interested in this job then mail your details to the company directly or contact the center near to your place.

Interlochen Institute of Arts: This institute teaches visual art, music, drama, creative and all other related to arts in Michigan. They teach more than 3000 students every year during the summer vacation and hire a number of teachers. If you have knowledge in arts and interested to teach arts then contact this company.

Summer Institute for the gifted: This is one of the best institutes to teach the academically talented children. This company hires teachers in the field of STEM, humanities, and visual arts. If you are interested apply for this job online.  

These are the companies that hire teachers during the summer vacation and do your favorite job during the summer holidays.

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